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Inverter Restart Procedure


If there are any problems with your solar system,  we recommend you work through the steps below to resolve your query. We have found that 80% of technical problems can be resolved by following these simple steps.
(After going through the steps set out below, if the problem is still not rectified, then please call our Head Office and we shall endeavour to solve the issue as soon as possible.)

Below are the steps that outline how to shut down and restart the Solar system in the correct way.  This can be helpful for such things like power outages etc.


  1. Make your way to the inverter
  2. Open the switch box next to Inverter– grey in colour with green cover
  3. Turn off AC Isolator (Inverter)– single switch
  4. Turn off DC Isolator (PV Array) – double switch
  5. Go to main fuse box on your home
  6. Turn off solar main power switch
  7. Wait half an hour minimum with your system off
  8. Switch system back on in the reverse order
  9. When switches are up they are switched ON. Down is OFF

Allow the system re-connect for a few minutes, then check if the error messages and/or  lights are still faulting.   It’s often useful to reboot a couple of times during the day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

If the Inverter does not start running again after you’ve tried rebooting, it may be another issue.

If you think that your solar system may not be performing to its maximum potential you will need to follow these steps to report it to us: 

  1. Document the variances
  2. Take 3 consecutive reading of ‘E-Today’ from the inverter LED screen
  3. Try to get these reading later on during the day as this will give us a better idea of performance.


Once you have taken these reading please collate all the information and email it to our Head Office with attention to Customer Care Department at

We will assess your request within 3 business days to help your solar system reach its maximum potential.


Warranty Issues

For all warranty queries please contact us on 1300 668 882