The Solar Process

6 Easy Steps to Get Your Solar Installed 

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  1. Order Processing and Deposit

Once the order has been received by Head Office, our accounts department will process your deposit and send you an email confirmation. If no email is provided then you will receive a confirmation via the post.

  2. Approval

Depending on your electricity provider we may need to obtain pre-approval before we can install your PV solar system. We will do this on your behalf and the process typically takes anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks.  We will be in contact with you during this time to keep you updated on the progress.

  3. Installation

Once your order is finalised and ready to install, Head Office will book the installation team, who will call you to arrange a suitable time. We advise that someone be present on the day of installation, however, it is not necessary if there is access to the property and switchboard.  Once the installation is complete we will require paperwork to be signed, however, if you are not present, we are happy to leave the paperwork for you to complete and post back to us.

  4. Outstanding balance of payment

We require that the outstanding balance of your account be paid before or on the day of installation.
Payments can be made in the following ways:

- Cheque or cash directly to the installer
- Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

  5. Solar Import/Export meter Installation

In most states and territories we have to work with the electricity distributor and retailer to coordinate the installation or reprogramming of your Solar Import/Export meter.

This means that there may be a delay from when the solar panels are installed to the final commissioning of your solar system. Rest assured our experienced connections team will completely look after this process for you. Please note as this is a third party service we will ensure to have this completed in a timely manner.

  6. System commissioning

Once the solar meter has been programmed/installed you will need to switch your solar system on.

You may consult the owner’s manual provided to you on the day of install to see how to turn the system on. Alternatively you may call our head office on 1300 66 888 2 and we will assist you in this procedure.

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